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Industry Expertise

With a dedicated team of industry veterans and technical wizards, we provide strategic advisory services that guide your commodity trading strategy. By leveraging our insights, you can make informed decisions that redefine IT landscapes, enabling you to capitalise on market trends, and navigate regulatory shifts.

Client Success

We thrive when our clients succeed. At FLISNA, we consider your triumphs as our own. We delve into your unique challenges and aspirations, crafting bespoke solutions that deliver tangible, enduring results. Our approach is rooted in collaborative partnership, ensuring that your organisation thrives over the long term.

Technology Experience

Unleash the full potential of your commodity trading operations with our trading technology implementation services. Our seasoned experts work tirelessly to deliver solutions that align seamlessly with your business objectives. From system selection, to integration and refinement, we guide you through every step, ensuring a robust and efficient trading ecosystem.

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Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services provides unparalleled expertise and strategic insights for navigating the intricate landscape of commodity trading. In today’s dynamic market, well-informed decision-making is the foundation of success. At FLISNA, we focus on your specific objectives, whether you’re seeking to embrace the net-zero market, optimise risk management systems, or seize emerging opportunities. Our team of well-versed advisors recognise the importance of staying ahead of regulatory shifts, market volatility, and disruptive technologies.

System Selection

Selecting the right CTRM /ETRM software is a critical stride towards enhancing your commodity trading operations. At FLISNA, we understand this decision holds the key to efficiency, risk management, and long-term success. Our CTRM / ETRM software selection services are crafted to guide you through this intricate process. With a keen understanding of the commodity trading landscape and cutting-edge technologies, we meticulously analyse your unique requirements, aligning them with the most suitable CTRM / ETRM solutions available. Whether you’re seeking a comprehensive platform to streamline operations or a tailored solution to address specific challenges, our experts ensure that the software you choose not only meets your immediate needs but also lays the groundwork for future growth.


Our experts blend industry insight, technological prowess, and change management finesse to ensure a strategic evolution. Collaborating closely with your teams, we design, integrate, and optimise your CTRM / ETRM system while facilitating seamless adoption through change management. Our unwavering commitment to precise project delivery ensures you can maximise your investment sooner and with greater success.


Transform your current software solutions from pain to value. Our acute grasp the industry’s intricacies, coupled with practical experience of overcoming software-related hurdles can optimise operational efficiency. Our approach is not just about resolving immediate pain points; it’s about fostering long-term success. Our experts collaborate closely with your teams to identify, analyse, and rectify existing software issues, ensuring a seamless transition to enhanced performance.

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